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Since its inception in 2001, Wikipedia has become one of the most visited (and best optimized) sites on the internet, which should be leveraged as a key component of your digital marketing strategy. When properly implemented, company wiki pages provide:

  • Improved SEO
  • Organic traffic from Wikipedia
  • Increased Domain Authority
  • Online credibility within Wikipedia and search engine results pages

company wiki pages

Wikipedia preserves the quality of its site using a strict set of guidelines, making it difficult for most business listings to get published and remain live. These requirements include various company and editorial requirements, including the inability for pages to be written or submitted by anyone affiliated with your company.

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How Does Your Company Appear Online?

Modern-day SEO relies heavily on the volume and consistency of your business information across the web, and any inaccuracies will negatively impact your rankings. See how your business appears online, with a free and instant scan of where and how your company is listed.

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